Copyright and publishing licenses detail the policies on intellectual property as the rights for publication, distribution, and use of the published work.
EDP Sciences authors must sign a copyright agreement or license agreement before publication. The details on the journal’s specific agreement can be found on the journal’s author guidelines.

Articles published in a Subscription Journal

For articles not in open access, authors transfer the copyright to EDP Sciences and/or to the owner of the journal (learned society, association). Works authored exclusively by employees of the U.S. Government and the Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, and United Kingdom Crown may not be subject to copyright transfer.

The appropriate copyright and/or license agreement is sent to Authors at the time of acceptance of their article and is concurrently effective.

Subscription journals have each their own embargo policy.

Some journals publish sections or articles in free access. These articles are available for all to read without a fee but are still subject to the original copyright license. Permission must be sought from the copyright owner to share and adapt the material.

Articles published in Open Access

For open access articles, Authors sign a non-exclusive license to publish under a Creative Commons (CC BY) license that specifies the rights and conditions for users to share and adapt the material. Authors retain the copyright of their article. By default EDP Sciences uses a CC BY license, unless stated otherwise on the website of the journal. Authors are permitted to deposit all versions of their paper (Submitted Manuscript, Author Accepted Manuscript and Version of Record) in an institutional or subject repository, under the same license than that of the original article, without embargo.

EDP Sciences Self-Archiving Policy

For articles not in open access, authors can make their article, published by EDP Sciences, available on their personal site, their institution’s web site and Open Archive Initiative sites, without embargo, under a non-exclusive license. The source of the published article must be cited and the ownership of the copyright clearly mentioned. These must be not for profit sites. Submitted Manuscript, Author Accepted Manuscript and Version of Record may be shared. Authors are requested to create a link to the publisher’s platform. The link must be accompanied by the following text “The original publication is available at www….”.
However, reconstitution of the complete journal on a competing open site is not allowed.

If a specific policy on Self-Archiving applies for a given journal, this policy can be found on the journal’s website.

Authors supported in whole or in part by cOAlition S organisations or other funders requiring it, are entitled to self-archive their Author Accepted Manuscripts only, without embargo, under a CC BY license or equivalent, in an Open Access repository of their choice.

To ensure that the correct version of your article is cited in subsequent publications, once your article is published, please remember to update the repository with the newest version of your article and/or the most up-to-date DOI.