A growing number of prestigious, international institutions are embracing multilingual archive collections to broaden and enrich the resources available to their researchers and library users.

The EDP Sciences physics collection consists of the Journal de Physique archives (1872 to 1997), the Annales de Physique archives (1914 to 2009) and the EAS Publications Series archives (2001 to 2016). These archives represent more than 50,000 articles written over the course of 140 years of scientific discovery.

The Journal de Physique was created in 1872 by Charles d’Almeida “to breathe new life into physics” and “to invigorate teaching, to stimulate the spirit of research and provoke new discoveries”. Articles by pioneering physicists Marie, Pierre, and their daughter, Irène Curie remain preserved within the Journal de Physique archives as do articles by several Nobel Prize winners including Max Planck and Henri Becquerel.

What is the value of journal archives?

The recent investments by leading international institutions signal the value they rightly place on archives. Archives enable early career researchers to explore new research ideas, provide historical context for current research and secure academic knowledge for future generations. As Marie Curie said “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” Archives play an important role in fostering such understanding across time.

“We are delighted to see a positive trend in worldwide archive sales” comments Nathalie Clément. “Today’s students and researchers understand that language is no longer a barrier to accessing a wealth of multilingual research and that legacy content can advance their research interests. Institutions are responding by exploring new resources like our archive collections.”

As a society-owned publisher, EDP Sciences firmly believes that archives should be both affordable and flexible. All our archives can be purchased together or individually and as a subscription or outright purchase.

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