We are pleased to announce a new affiliation between 4open and the European Society of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering (ESCMSE). 4open is already supported by the Theodor-Billroth-Academy® and the International Consortium of Research Excellence ( INCORE) and published under the auspices of the Société Française de Physique (SFP) which will now be joined by ESCSME.


ESCMSE is a non-profit organization, the aims of which are “the construction, development and analysis of computational, numerical and mathematical methods and their application in the sciences and engineering.” To this end, it publishes the Journal of Numerical Analysis, Industrial and Applied Mathematics and has chosen, in addition, to support 4open - a multidisciplinary, open access journal publishing original research in the natural sciences, technology, and medicine.

The benefits of this new affiliation to ESCMSE’s members include discounted APCs for publishing in 4open (once the current Liberty APC is no longer available) and eligibility for the editorial board and therefore the opportunity to support and develop the journal’s editorial policy.

“We are delighted to support 4open and see this as a significant step in fostering research co-operation between scientists working in the field of computational methods and related disciplines,” commented Theodore Simos, President of ESCSME. “We have worked closely with 4open in the past to produce special issues of research presented at our conferences and have been impressed by the team at 4open and EDP Sciences. We feel that this is the right moment to take forward the relationship with 4open to encourage wider dissemination of research results in computational methods and, more generally, to support the excellent and necessary work of a multi- and inter-disciplinary open access journal which is rooted in and committed to Open Science.”

Society partnerships

EDP Sciences and the 4open editorial team share strong values of trust and respect and believe that partnering with learned societies ensures the highest level of academic integrity.

4open is a relatively new journal which has made impressive progress in developing a cross-community network to support its multi- and inter-disciplinary content from all branches of sciences,” commented Claus Roll, Senior Publishing Editor. “The value we place on our relationships and partnerships with societies cannot be overstated as they really help to keep us grounded and focussed on the needs of readers and researchers working in the field. ESCMSE is a dynamic organisation and we look forward to the close connection to mathematicians this affiliation will bring.”

For further information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,Senior Publishing Editor, EDP Sciences.