4open is pleased to introduce the fourth article in the ‘Key summaries’ series. The article, which is free for all to read, offers an easy to understand description of two articles published in 4open by researchers from the University of Campinas. Both articles apply mathematical models to the public educational system in Brazil, in particular, to predict performance, compare conditional probabilities and investigate the consistency of quality indicators.

The ‘Key summaries’ article uses non-technical language to help non-experts and other interested groups understand, in this instance, the correlation between entrance exam results and later undergraduate performance in Brazil.

“The assumption is that students who perform well in these two exams will also perform well in the university’s statistics course – a linear way of calculating success that Prof González-López and her colleagues decided to test.”

Read the ‘Key summaries’ article – “Putting exams to the test: Do entrance exams predict academic achievement?”

Read the original articles:

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