EDP Sciences continues to support the academic community during Covid-19

Paris, France, 21 May 2020: EDP Sciences today announced its decision to extend free access to its journals content* from 2018-2020 until the end of August 2020. It has also declared a price freeze across all journals for the year 2021. Uppermost in this decision is the wish to support the academic community throughout the coronavirus pandemic and to acknowledge that it will take some time for the effects of this crisis to subside.

Very early in the pandemic, EDP Sciences decided to open its journals content from 2018-2020, including Covid-19 content, so that it became freely available for all to read. In this way, it showed its support for researchers and academics facing unprecedented challenges and ensured unrestricted access to any and all content that could be useful in the exceptional circumstances.

“We pride ourselves on being a champion of open access and a fair-priced publisher,” commented Anne Simoneau, Director of Business Development at EDP Sciences. “If there are practical steps we can take to reduce the disruption to our community at this time, then we are happy to take them. We welcome suggestions from the community regarding other measures we can put in place and encourage you to get in touch.”

More information about EDP Sciences journals.

*A few exceptions remain:

  • Journals we publish on behalf of partners from whom we have not yet received permission
  • Journals we do not own for which we simply host content

For more information:
Charlotte Van Rooyen
Head of Marketing and Communications
EDP Sciences
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