EDP Sciences is a leading, long-established open access publisher which works closely with a wide range of learned societies. It is the publishing partner of the National Open Access Agreement in France and an early adopter of Subscribe-to-Open (S2O). Each year, it reports on its publication performance enabling it to track closely the development of open access.

In line with recent years, figures from 2021 reveal an upward trend for open access publication among EDP Sciences journals. The total number of publications was up by 3.4% compared to 2020 and 65% of articles were published in open or free access compared to 54% in 2020. Despite the increased volume of papers, we maintain strong editorial control to ensure quality is upheld.

We aim to transition our entire portfolio of journals to full open access in the coming years and work with our societies and partners to achieve this using whatever model is appropriate for the individual journal and its community. In 2021, we helped Mechanics & Industry transition to open access under a gold model and our mathematics portfolio is now publishing in open access under S2O. Astronomy & Astrophysics also announced its adoption of S2O in 2022, so we are well on our way to becoming a fully open access publisher.

Many EDP Sciences journals have been awarded the DOAJ Seal for “best practice in open access publishing”. EDP Sciences also publishes open access books (EDP Open Books) and conference proceedings. We are proud to be an effective and influential champion of open access and open science and will continue to support the unrestricted dissemination of science whenever possible.