We are pleased to announce that two of our journals have been honoured at the 24th Editorial Grand Prix of the Press and Publishing of Healthcare Professions, an event hosted by SPEPS (Syndicat de la Presse et de l’Édition des Professions de Santé). The award ceremony took place on November 22 in Paris. From a total of 154 submitted articles, 14 articles were awarded.

The journal Le Nouveau Praticien Vétérinaire Équine, which joined EDP Sciences in January 2022, has been honoured in the 'Veterinary' category for the article Complications de la chirurgie oculaire chez le cheval 1re partie : chirurgie des annexes de l’œil et chirurgie du globe oculaire written by Alain Regnier, Mathilde Goetz, and Jean-Yves Douet.

The journal médecine/sciences, published by EDP Sciences since 2010 and owned by Inserm, was awarded the Grand Prix Éditorial 2023 for the article Accompagnement des transidentités chez l’enfant et l’adolescent(e), written by Élodie Fiot, Charlotte Lebrun, Clémence Delcour, Céline Rogez, Alicia Cohen, and Lætitia Martinerie.

The journal médecine/sciences has already been awarded the Grand Prix Éditorial several times. In previous years (2016, 2017, 2019, 2020 and 2021), it has also won this prestigious award, a testament to the continued excellence and undeniable quality of its publication.

In addition to the awards already mentioned, it is noteworthy to highlight another significant contribution from our journal portfolio. The article Diagnostic de l'arthrose chez le chat by Adeline Decambron, published in Le Nouveau Praticien Vétérinaire Canine & Féline, is also deserving of recognition. This article was prominently featured in the promotional brochure for the event and acknowledged during the ceremony.

We extend our congratulations to the authors of these articles and the entire teams of the journals. We are confident that the recognition of their work by SPEPS will encourage them to even greater achievements.