We are thrilled to congratulate Pierre Agostini, Anne L’Huillier, and Ferenc Krausz on their receipt of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physics. Their transformative research on attosecond light pulses stands as a monumental achievement in our understanding of ultrafast phenomena, especially the intricate behaviours of electrons. Two of the laureates, Agostini and L'Huillier, have French origins, and their work contributes to the global scientific community from their current academic homes in the United States and Sweden, respectively. We are especially proud of our association with Anne L'Huillier who was a previous editor of EPJ-D, and of the fact that all three have published articles in our journals, including the EPJ series, Web of Conferences, and Journal de Physique. (References: L'Huillier articles, Agostini articles, Krausz articles).

For readers intrigued by these developments, we invite you to explore an article previously published in our journal Photoniques, written by experts in the field of attosecond pulses. In particular, you will discover the work carried out on the ATTOLab and UHI100 platforms of LIDYL at CEA Paris-Saclay, the laboratory where Pierre Agostini and Anne l'Huillier carried out their research.You can read it here.

Additionally, those interested in ultrafast laser technologies can delve into our recent open-access book, "FEMTO-UP – Ultrafast laser technologies and applications," a collaborative effort with the Presses Universitaires de Strasbourg. The book is accessible here.